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About Us

Anita and Hayley co-founded Video Fusion at the end of 2018 which enabled them to work and raise their children on their terms, allowing them to find the work/life balance they couldn’t in the corporate world.

Today, Video Fusion is an award winning video production company based in Bromley that has collaborated with Portico, La Leche League, The Curious Comb Hair Salon and the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust among others.


Anita and Hayley love working in and around London; they also try to give something back to the community with pro-bono work for local charities.

Film Student
Leaves Shadow


Originally from Chile, Anita moved to California and attended San Francisco State University where she studied Film and TV Production.


Anita emigrated to London in 2011 and worked

in hospitality and corporate reception. During this time she had the opportunity to produce a few videos for the companies where she worked.

In 2018 Anita had her first daughter Sofia, followed by Emily in 2020. She now lives in South East London with her husband and daughters.

Anita is the creative one. She loves travelling, taking pictures with her phone, and painting, though there's not much time left for it at the moment.

Leaves Shadow


Hayley grew up in Plymouth and, after studying at the University of Sheffield, she moved around

England before settling in London with her partner in 2013.


Hayley worked in hospitality and wedding

& event planning before moving into the corporate world as a people manager in 2015. In 2018 her first son Niko was born followed by Charlie in 2020.

Hayley is the heart of the operations. She likes organising things and filling out long detailed forms. On her spare time she loves everything that is food related (shows, markets, cooking, eating, smelling etc.) and going for a quiet run in the evenings. 

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